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About Dale Ranches

Doyle Dale is the owner of the two ranches and personally runs the hunts. Doyle is an avid hunter who has brought home various trophies from the African bush to Siberia, but deer hunting is his passion. From years of experience, he has mastered the art of patterning deer to increase the odds of finding that perfect buck.

Doyle believes in the full hunting experience, which includes nice accommodations, good food, good friends, and a fun getaway. He keeps a “Big Buck Hunter Pro” hunting game at each ranch in case anyone feels they haven’t had a chance to shoot enough on any given day.

Doyle’s guides are all Texans who have also hunted for years and can’t get enough of the sport. Doyle’s partner in the Mexico ranch is Luis Camou and he provides guides for the desert sheep hunts since they have years of experience finding the sheep and tracking them until the hunter is ready. Doyle’s sheep hunters have had a 100% success rate.