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Fees and Schedules

Email address:
(817) 929-1000
To book a hunt, please specify your requested hunting dates and trophy animal in your email. We will contact you about availability.

Fee Schedule:

No hunts are booked until the hunting fee is received. The hunting fee includes food and accommodations. Beer and basic liquor are also provided.

Whitetail Deer Hunts:
3 days; 2 nights – $4,000 hunting fee + $3,500 if you kill or wound a deer. If the deer scores over 190 B&C, an extra $2,000 will be charged.

Desert Mule Deer Hunts:
1 week (5 hunting days) – $5,000 hunting fee + $5,000 if you kill or wound a deer.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts:
5 days, 4 nights – $20,000 hunting fee + $30,000 if you kill or wound a sheep. (The guides find the sheep herds prior to the hunter’s arrival, so most hunters are able to find a sheep within two days.)

Coues Deer Hunts:
If you decide to shoot a Coues Deer while on either a Desert Mule Deer or Bighorn Sheep hunt you will be charged an additional $2,500. A Coues deer hunt alone is $5,000.

Hunting Seasons

Hunting Whitetail Deer:
We are just beginning our commercial whitetail trophy hunting at the Fort Worth, Texas ranch. Our hunts will be scheduled between October 15th and December 15th. We will not have more than four trophy hunters per season.

Hunting Desert Mule Deer:
Our desert mule deer hunts are scheduled between December 1st and January 31st. We will not have more than eight trophy hunters in any one season.

Hunting Desert BigHorn Sheep:
Our desert sheep hunts are scheduled between November 1st and the first week of March. We have only two desert sheep tags.